Carlos Garcia


My name is Carlos Garcia. I was born and raised in Fontana, CA. I am a son, grandson, and nephew of Kaiser Steel blood. Along with many other friends and family, my family traveled from Colorado leaving the farm in 1955 to Fontana to work the steel mill. My parents and siblings are Fohi graduates. I attended Live Oak Elementary, Randall Pepper Elementary, Fontana Middle, and Citrus High Continuation. I began my journey working for Fontana Unified School District as a student worker beginning at Fohi assisting the custodial staff, librarian assistant, and mailroom from 14 years of age until I graduated. Then I began working as a sub mail carrier, sub warehouse worker, and food service driver for three years. During this time, I also attended Chaffey College working on earning an A.A. in Correctional Science. I was hired in the Mail Room as a permanent employee, and promoted to warehouse driver in 2013. I was elected as Trustee of our union in 2012. I would say my inspiration comes from my mom who was a single mother of four. She juggled keeping food on the table,  clothes on our backs, and attending Chaffey College to become a correctional officer, all to make a better life for her kids. I was taught at an early age to fight for those who can't fight for themselves. The words she told me while I was growing up inspired me as well. She would tell me, "Watch and learn," and "Why can't you?" The first time I said I couldn't do something I was taught there's nothing you can't do. My favorite place to eat no longer exists, Mazzulli's Pizza. My hobbies are collecting memorabilia such as fast food statues and collectibles.