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Please help make this the most wonderful time of year again for our FUSD families, especially the children. Drop off an unwrapped toy to any Fontana Santas drop box. We have one at the Union Hall as well. We are receiving our 5% bonus on all hours worked on November 15, 2022. Please share the holiday spirit and put smiles on the childrens faces! Your donations are incredibly appreciated!
Please see the attached flyer. 

Do you have interest in becoming the next Recording Secretary of United Steelwokers Local 8599? The Executive Board is seeking qualified candidates to train with the current Recording Secretary. Deadline to submit your letter of interest will be Tuesday, January 17, 2023. Please see the attached letter from President, Dawn Dooley. 

Thank you to our amazing Payroll Department for their hard work and dedication! 

 To clarify how the November 15, 2022, one-time five-percent (5%) bonus will be paid out. The Union understood that the negotiated one-time bonus of five-percent (5%) was going to be paid out on all hours worked on the November 15, 2022 pay warrant.

**UPDATE** 9/01/2022- This morning was the first of two informational meetings, todays meeting held via TEAMs, tomorrow from 3:00 - 4:00 there will be an in person meeting at the JD Piazza Center at the FUSD office complex. There were a lot of questions regarding Benefits.
Once you are a 7 hour employee you are considered full time equivalent. That means that you will no longer be paying for benefits or you may apply for benefits.

Donate an unwrapped TOY
to the
Fontana Santas Program,
be part of spreading holiday cheer!

5% Bonus Payment
November 15, 2022 & November 30, 2022
See the Article for more information. 

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