*UPDATE 8/25* SELPA Aides Going to 7 Hours

**UPDATE** 9/01/2022- This morning was the first of two informational meetings, todays meeting held via TEAMs, tomorrow from 3:00 - 4:00 there will be an in person meeting at the JD Piazza Center at the FUSD office complex. There were a lot of questions regarding Benefits.
Once you are a 7 hour employee you are considered full time equivalent. That means that you will no longer be paying for benefits or you may apply for benefits.
If you are not currently paying for benefits through the District, you will be contacted by the Benefits Department on how to enroll and what your options will be.
They will be updating Benefit Bridge for you to apply, the application deadline will be September 20.
If you are already paying for benefits, you would continue to receive your benefit package you would not be paying for it.  At this time you may make changes to your benefit package, if you have dependent(s), spouse or domestic partner, they should be added at this time. 
If you move to the 7 hour position you will see a retroactive pay adjustment as of September 1, to your salary, benefits (if you currently are paying for them) and leave balances.
You should see the permanent change to your salary, benefits, and leave balances by October 15.
Any questions for Benefits, please email them at befefitsfusd.net

*UPDATE* Please see the attached memo that was sent to your District email on 8/25, There will be 2 informational meetings, to attend is voluntary, the first meeting is on TEAMs at 9:00 am on Thursday September 1st. The second voluntary meeting will be held at the JD Piazza Center at
3:00 pm.
What a great way to start the 2022-2023 school year. President Dawn Dooley made the announcement at the SELPA open year meeting that the union has been working on recognizing our Special Education Aides at full time equivalent for years. Additional funding from the state has been granted through legislation passing a Bill that will continually fund this two million dollar increase to the District to provide continual service to our students. The question that was always asked of the District, why have two five hour Aides overlapping their schedules to support a student when you could potentially have one Aide for 7 hours. These Aides will be eligible for full benefits. These positions will be offered and should be in effect for the target date of September 1, 2022! 

The union is not stopping there, we are in the data collection phase for other Aide positions