Hourly Bonus Payout 2020-2021 School Year

Hello, I know our hourly employees have been patiently waiting for the payout of their 2020-2021 bonus. Unlike regular hours worked, this bonus does not fall under education code 45167 for reimbursement via special check. 
What happened was, during negotiations President, Dawn Dooley submitted an information request for the baseline of hours substitutes and hourly employees worked.
The District came to negotiations committee with an offer,  any hourly employee that worked 500 hours or more during that school year would receive the one time $500.00 bonus.
Your negotiations committee viewed the report, all employees had posted the 500 hours. Great! But, there was a mistake.
The mistake was, say, you are a substitute custodian also, substitute food service, also a substitute clerical etc. the hours you worked were credited to ALL positions you were qualified to work.
For instance, you worked 8 hours as a custodial substitute, those 8 hours were credited to ALL positions you could have subbed, this mistake upped your hours.
What the Union negotiated after this was discovered, a prorated bonus. For every hour you truly worked you will get $1.00 for each of those hours. So, if you only worked one day as a substitute custodian at 8 hours, you will get a check for 8 hours. 
Please call President Dawn Dooley 909-823-6755, should you have any questions.