Your Voice Your Vote.
The attached Articles are what we are voting on. 
Article 1 - Agreement
Article 2 - Recognition
Article 3  - Use of Gender Terms
Article 4 - Non- Discrimination
Article 8 - Non-Unit and Hourly Employees
Article 12 - Hours of Work
Article 13 - Overtime
Article 14  - Probationary Time
Article 15 - Suspension/Discharge Cases
Article 16 - Grievance Procedure
Article 17 - No - Strike Clause
Article 19 - Illness and Injury (Sick Leave)
Article 27 - Workers' Compensation
Article 33 - Dues Deduction
Article 35 - Bulletin Board and Mail Services
Article 36 - Clothing
Article 37 - Mileage Allowance
Article 40*  - District Video Cameras and Time Clocks
*Was going to be 47 but the original 40 has been removed from the contract and is now an MOU, the MOU will also be included for your information. There is no need to vote on the MOU.
Article 43 - Union Rights
Also for your information, not to be voted on. A Side Letter of Agreement  - Return to Substitute Assignment Flexibility.

PDF icon final_article_1_-_agreement_ta_2020-2021.pdf<br>PDF icon article_3_ta_2020-2021_use_of_gender_terms.pdf
PDF icon article_4_ta_2020-2021_non-_discrimination.pdf
PDF icon article_8_ta_2020-2021_non-unit_and_hourly_employees.pdf
PDF icon article_12_ta_2020-2021_hours_of_work.pdf
PDF icon article_13_ta_2020-2021_overtime.pdf
PDF icon article_14_ta_2020-2021_probationary_period.pdf
PDF icon article_15_ta_2020-2021_suspension_discharge_cases.pdf
PDF icon article_16_ta_2020-2021_grievance_procedure.pdf
PDF icon article_17_ta_2020-2021_no-stike_clause.pdf
PDF icon article_19_ta_2020-2021_illness_and_injury_sick_leave.pdf
PDF icon article_27_ta_2020-2021_workers_compensation.pdf
PDF icon article_33_ta_2020-2021_dues_deduction.pdf
PDF icon article_35_ta_2020-2021_bulletin_board_and_mail_services.pdf
PDF icon article_36_ta_2020-2021_clothing.pdf
PDF icon article_37_ta_2020-2021_mileage_allowance.pdf
PDF icon article_47_ta_2020-2021_dostroct_voideo_cameras_and_time_clocks.pdf
PDF icon article_43_ta_2020-2021_union_rights.pdf<br>PDF icon side_letter_of_agreement_2020-2021_for_return_to_substitute_assignemnt_flexibility.pdf
PDF icon article_40_mou_2020-2021_union_security_agency_shop.pdf

Please note that some pages may not have all signatures. Due to the different methods that we had to use for signatures after it was transmitted four times electronically they were unreadable. Full signature copies will be available for viewing at the Union Hall. Negotiation Team Members will be present to answer any question that you may have. 

Join us on Friday October 7, 2022 4:30-7:30 at the FTA Union Hall 16850 Seville Ave Fontana 92335.  Meet and speak with School Board Candidates Mary Sandoval and Mars Serna. It is essential that we do our part to keep them in office. These two candidates have proven themselves to the USW and FTA in collaberation supporting our members and our Contracts. 
Bring the family for food, crafts and goodies.
Please see the flyer attached.  

All School Site Aides are encouraged to attend the information gathering meeting on Wednesday October 12, 2022 at the Union Hall at 4:00 PM. 
Additional hours may sunset at the end of December. The work that you do at your sites is essential to the daily running of your sites. What student services will suffer if you are not at your site for the additional hours. 
We need to know! 

Hello, I know our hourly employees have been patiently waiting for the payout of their 2020-2021 bonus. Unlike regular hours worked, this bonus does not fall under education code 45167 for reimbursement via special check. 
What happened was, during negotiations President, Dawn Dooley submitted an information request for the baseline of hours substitutes and hourly employees worked.

Now through October 31, 2022 there's open enrollment for the Catastrophic Leave Bank. Classified Bargaining Unit members who suffer a catastrophic injury/illness that is expected to incapacitate the member for an extended period of time (in excess of ten (10) days) shall become eligible to use this CLB subject to restrictions.

Member must be a permanent employee; member must have accumulated ten (10) days of sick leave to make a five (5) day donation; and the member must have exhausted all fully paid sick/vacation leave.

The Women of Steel Committee is once again asking our community for donations of socks and underwear. Socktober begins on September 19 and goes through October 14. 
The Women of Steel Committee will be assembling boxes at their meeting on September 12 at 5:00 pm. If you are able to help with the assembly of the boxes please do, all are welcome! 
If you are in the area of the Union Hall please pick up a box or two to drop off at a site near you. Your participation is greatly appreciated. 

**UPDATE** 9/01/2022- This morning was the first of two informational meetings, todays meeting held via TEAMs, tomorrow from 3:00 - 4:00 there will be an in person meeting at the JD Piazza Center at the FUSD office complex. There were a lot of questions regarding Benefits.
Once you are a 7 hour employee you are considered full time equivalent. That means that you will no longer be paying for benefits or you may apply for benefits.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022! Especially the recipients of the Local 8599 Scholarship Grant of $500.00. If your student was one of the recipients please call the Union Hall and let us know if you would like to attend our June or July General Membership Meeting with your scholar to receive their grant. Further congratulations goes out to the following recipients of the United Steelworkers International Philip Murray Scholarship in the amount of $1500.00. Nathan Razo, Natalie Strain, Saylin Gomez and Jose Martinez. 

The Fontana Days Parade was well attended by Locals 8599, 7600, 5632 and 1853. Collectively, we represent over fifteen thousand (15,000) employees in Fontana. 
We chanted the following verses -
Leader said "FONTANA IS" response - "A STEELWORKER TOWN"

The Leader says "WHOS GOT THE POWER?" response -  "WE GOT THE POWER!" Leader said "WHAT KIND OF POWER" response - "UNION POWER!"