Your Negotiation Team for 2017/2018:  
Dawn Dooley, Michelle Alcaraz,
Patty Newton,  Richard Romo, Rose Tibbels
Negotiations Update 2017 - 2018
Update: 5/15/18

We have reached an agreement for 2017/2018!  We will schedule a ratification
vote soon. What we Tentatively Agreed:

  • 8% one-time BONUS (off schedule) on base salary for ALL MEMBERS
    INCLUDING SCHOOL SITE AIDES from January 1, 2018 through
    June 30th, 2018. (equal to a 4% annual)

  • Reimbursable medical receipts for pharmacy or co-pays must be turned in
    no later than 12 months from date of receipt, unless extenuating
    circumstances prevent it. Under no circumstances can a receipt be
    reimbursed after 24 months. Reimbursements must be issued to the member
    within 60 days.

  • International USW cannot call out any member on release time for more
    than 36 consecutive months (does not affect Local 8599 union business)