Your Negotiation Team for 2018/2019:  
Dawn Dooley, Michelle Alcaraz,
Patty Newton,  Richard Romo, Rose Tibbels
Negotiations Update 2018-2019
Update: March 18th, 2019

After a long delay, with no explanation by FUSD, we finally have a new negotiation date for
4  hours  of discussion on a salary increase.

We will be meeting on March 29th.

Our proposal will not include bonus language, as the feedback received by the negotiations
team has overwhelming indicated a desire for a permanent raise....
Negotiations begin for 2018-2019 on Friday, October 19th
Update: March 29th

The Union presented a 7 point comprehensive proposal:

  1. Significant Salary increase, not a bonus.

2. Differential pay for bilingual-certified Steelworkers  4-1/2% hourly (not a stipend)

3. Realignment for medical insurance for 5 and 6 hour Steelworkers.
    FUSD would pay 85 % for 6 hour employees and 71 % for 5 hour employees.
    FUSD  pays only 75% and 62 1/2% currently.

4.  Increase Orthodontic coverage from $1500 to $3000

5.  Increase MES Vision coverage (TBD, dependent on rates)

6.  Increase hourly usage of School Site Aides from 3 hours/day to 4 hours/day

7.  Increase hourly pay for Center Monitors and Child Care Providers to .50 above
     minimum wage (floating).

Next negotiation date:  April 15th
Update: April 15th

FUSD responded to our proposals:

1.  FUSD countered with an  offer of  a minimal Salary increase

2. Suggested changing existing job descriptions to bilingual REQUIRED. Pay increase (if any)
    to be determined via Reclass Committee (no guarantee)

3.  FUSD not interested in increasing benefits

4. FUSD not interested in increasing benefits

5. FUSD not interested in increasing benefits

6. FUSD asserts that this item is not a negotiable item.

7. FUSD not interested in raising hourly salary above state minimum.

Next negotiations date: April 29th
Update: April 29th

1. USW made counterproposal on salary. Still looking for equality with Certificated Staff.

2. USW made collaborative proposal for our hourly Center Monitors and Child Care Providers.

3. USW proposed restoring Professional Growth Program.

4. USW again proposed an hourly differential pay program for Steelworkers who are certified
   bi-lingual in a "forward facing job".

1. FUSD reiterated their minimal offer for permanent raise.
  They tell us that the FTA raise of 2.5% was really only 1.4%, but offered 4% bonus (retro)
   for  2018.

2. FUSD proposed that the increase would be applied to all Steelworkers, including hourly.
first time this has ever been offered in our history with FUSD)

3. FUSD not interested in increasing education and proficiency through restoration
   of the Professional Growth Program.

4. Tabled discussion on differential pay to next session.

Next negotiations date: May 15th
Update May 15th:

1. District made new proposal for 2-year agreement.


  •      For Classified; 2.5% on schedule raise, 4% off schedule (one-time) bonus,
                      retroactive to July 1st, 2018
  •     Asked us for 1 training day at the District's discretion. No extra days worked. Would come
           from existing work calendar.


  •     For Classified, 1.5% on schedule raise
  •     8% on schedule raise for hourly members (Center Monitors and Child Care Providers)
  •     Asked us to extend CBA 1 year and forego any openers (no other negotiation) until 2020.
           District's offer is contingent on 2 year agreement only....

Union team is considering offer. We will offer a counter-proposal at next meeting.

   Next negotiations date: June 6th